Peace of mind

After this course, you will step into the lecture hall better prepared and with new-found confidence.

For new university teachers

The course offers a variety of tips and techniques that will help new university teachers become more effective lecturers. Lecturing is something that can be developed, like any other skill. So regardless if you are new to teaching or have worked for years as a university teacher and want to improve, or are just curious about what goes into preparing and delivering a successful presentation in higher education, then this course is for you. It will give you an inside look at how Kent works and he will provide plenty of tips and tricks that are tailored for rookies. 

Boost self-reliance

"I was hesitant at first, but after completing the course I feel much more secure in my ability to lecture effectively in front of a class. The feedback and support from the instructor was invaluable."
Robert, adjunct


Study at your own pace

"I'm so grateful that this course exists and that it was available online. It's really helped me learn new things about being a teacher in higher education and to relax about standing infront of the students."
— Mia, visiting instructor

Plan your lectures

"This course was so helpful in reminding me of the basics of lecturing. I enjoyed new insights on the planning and delivery. I couldn't recommend this course more to anyone who wants to start lecturing at the university level."
Kate, professorial lecturer

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Your course instructor

Kent Lofgren, an experienced university teacher from Sweden, has created this successful online course about how to lecture in higher education. The course is aimed at beginner university teachers who want to improve their skills, and it covers topics such as preparing for lectures, engaging with students, and using technology in the classroom. Kent's background in teaching and his experience in online learning makes him the perfect instructor for this course, and his passion for helping other teachers succeed makes it a valuable resource for anyone who wants to improve their lecturing skills.